Kopiaste - Welcome

Family Lazaridis

We are a family of Greek and Cypriot origin that has been living in Germany for many years. Despite that, we never lost the connection to our home countries. In 2000 we decided to acquire a derelict yet traditional country house in Psemetismenos – a village in the pristine area of the District of Larnaca – in order to renovate it as detailed as possible. House I has been under monumental protection since 2002. After obtaining the building permission in 2004 it was completed in 2007. The completion of Houses II and III occurred in 2011 and 2015 respectively. All holiday apartments are within walking distance of the infinity pool (built in 2021), which is surrounded by a large terrace and with a view of the valley in which orange and olive trees are growing. Our guests are welcome to use the pool (note that the owner accepts no liability with respect to the pool’s use).

House I ”Konatsin Lazaridis” is frequently used by us. Because we live in both, in Psematismenos and in Germany, we can provide our guest with interesting tips and recommendations regarding their stay in Cyprus. A stay in our country houses therefore leads to an experience that is being referred to as “Filoxenia” (filos = friend, xenos = guest) in Greek.