Country Homes Lazaridis

In Psematismenos, District of Larnaca, Cyprus

Country Homes Lazaridis were built pursuant to strict Cypriot building regulations for heritage-protected villages in the rural area of the District of Larnaca. Although they follow the style and tradition of Cypriot country homes, they still feature all the conveniences of modern houses. For instance, they have air conditioning, underfloor heating, WiFi and video-/audio-systems.In the immediate vicinity of the apartment, there is a private pool surrounded by a large terrace with a wonderful view of the valley and the nearby sea. Our guests are welcome to use the pool (note that the owner accepts no liability with respect to the pool’s use).

House I „Konatsin Lazaridis“
Completed in 2007, House 1 “Konatsin Lazaridis” is used solely for private purposes and is located at the edge of the village.

House II „Spitaki Lazaridis“
Located opposite of House Konatsin, House II “Spitaki Lazaridis” is situated at a slope. This allows for a stunning view over olive groves, orange and lemon trees in the nearby river valley as well as of the Mediterranean approximately 4 km away.

House III „Archontiko Lazaridis“
Located in the centre of the village, House III „Archontiko Lazaridis“ consists of four separate apartments and has a big, sunny courtyard.

A stay at Country Homes Lazaridis allows you to live among locals and lets you experience the original Cyprus.

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